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    It was a beautiful sunday morning along the riverside with strollers enjoying the fresh air.

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    Was this taken in Hokkaido, Otaru?

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    i believe so. i have some pics at

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    Very nice, looks like a painting. Now if we were to go wider.. personal opinion though.
    Nice work.
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    its hokkaido, but i cant remember the place name.

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    good job bro. i like it

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    a nice scene

    but frankly the composition is a little uninspired. by this i don't mean that it is bad, it is just a run of the mill shot - the processing taken definitely adds to the picture however, i must admit. it is hdr, i presume? a little bit of lowering of the gamma in photoshop would give you a more realistic look, personally. other than that, nothing much negative to comment..


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