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Thread: PS2 or Xbox?

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    Originally posted by ninelives
    japanese rpg and US rpg is totallly different. Final fantasy is rpg, baldur gates is also rpg. but they are not the same. there are a lot of debate between US rpg vs Japan rpg. the debate can last for few pages, but i think it is better for one to understand if they really played it before.

    in ps1 , there are tons for PRG games. so i believe for ps2, there will be also tons of rpg games . but well, if u are into BG or UO, then you better stick to PC.
    Good point. RPG gameplay is almost completely different between say, BG2 and FF-X. But that said, there are still many interesting (semi-RPG) games on the PS2 that still draw me back to console gaming. Examples include resident evil, silent hill, MGS I/II, Ico, etc etc ...

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    Originally posted by espn
    Not to mention the Xbox is running an intel chip with HDD, so you'll notice sometimes there are lag when loading data or during gaming.
    ... and also the MS trademark BSOD (Blue screen of death).

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