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Thread: photojournalism in our own backyard

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    Default photojournalism in our own backyard

    don't know if this has been posted before, but found this interesting article on photojournalism (from our own Straits Times) - the basics of how news pictures affect readers.

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    great read. thanks for finding it

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    interesting read. helps address issues of the thought behind the photo i feel.
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    They got the fundamentals of photojournalism wrong.Look at the caption for photo.It reads: ''World Youth Cup Football Tournament 29 June 1997".Inaccurate.
    In the 'About This photograph' section, it reads:"This is a photograph taken during a key point in a match in the quarter finals of the championship between Brazil and France."

    A simple check reveals that the tournament was called the FIFA Youth Championship.Brazil played France on June 17, 1997, in the group stages.Brazil played Argentina on 29 June, 1997, in the Q-finals.
    There was no encounter between Brazil and France during the quater final stages of the championship.

    They got their captioning wrong.Totally wrong, inaccurate information.And I think before they go and educate people about photojournalism, they should get their basics right first.That is, providing the audience wih accurate information.

    *I dont think this article is by ST as TS has mentioned.


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