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Thread: Looking for Compact camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanlim View Post
    hmm after what you said, i would give it another go tomorrow. Thanks

    oh by the way, heres a reference

    its twice the width of a casio s10. its 26mm to 13mm >.<
    width should not be the sole consideration of a camera

    to be honest, do you think it feels good holding a 13mm camera to take pictures?

    maybe it's me, and a lot of the population, but i think a certain amount of thickness it's needed - a camera's ergonomics is quite slightly different from a phone.

    this raises the issue of handling.

    anyways - zaren.. i read up on the f50fd's review on dpreview.. based on samples given looks like the noise performance not as good as f30/f31fd already leh

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    See most ppl recommend/talk about nikon/sony/pentax.

    Anyone can help to comment on Ricoh. I really love Ricoh years ago when I happened to chance it on its magic super Macro 1cm.

    Any Ricoh users can help to comments.

    [My last compact camera: Sony T3; Nikon L10].

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    Canon has 0cm macro.

    Ricoh is not so magical anymore.

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    if i had the money, i would grab the ixus 860is!

    but pity no manual control..

    nowadays even the new fujiF series also no manual control. disappointing

    but i would think Wide angle and IS is better

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    Default Re: Looking for Compact camera

    An "ugly" cam that takes good pictures is very much better than a "good lookin'" cam that takes crap pictures anytime.

    I would go for the fuji or canon series.
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    it would be a good choice for canon... so far it has yet to disappoint me.. currently using Canon Ixus 850IS.. must say that it's a pretty good camera..cos been using it for my dept retreat...and manage to capture good pictures with it..

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