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Thread: Standard of Photography low?

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    OT abit....
    I used to moderate a forum sometime back. And one thing is certain - we'll always get some member who'd go around and bug everyone in various threads.

    I suggest everyone just see such instances as reflection of our larger society. Hey, we all need the occasional fool to make even the most pathetic of us look good. Just as we also need the Sim Wong Hoos and Bill Gates to aspire to.

    Chill out lah.
    OT off...

    On criticism, give and take. If you think soembody's critique is too much, just ignore him/her/it. Do you really have to go into emotional distress, contemplate suicide, cry a river.... (Yes I do find such things ridiculously amusing!)

    On the standards in CS, c'mon, we all have a part to play in that. And perhaps others, like Sadness, Ivan, jherek, etc can join hands to help raise the standards. Get together for outings, share with us amatuers and make this a non-issue!

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    Errmm..May I suggest something about the critique?

    I was thinking maybe if we could standardise the format of critique,then it will be more constructive and helpful for newbies like me.

    So far,I could only come up something like this.Maybe someone can polish it up:

    What is good about the pic -(your comments)
    How else can it be better/improved -(your comments)

    This way, there will be both +ve and constructive comments in each critique and this will encourage both people- the commenters to word their words carefully and letting the posters know that their pictures are not totally worthless.They would be more motivated and likely,wish to improve their skills by working on those specific comments/methods in the critiques.

    Just a suggestion!
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    This reminds me of a poem my daughter likes:

    "The wise old owl
    Sat in an oak.
    The more he saw,
    The less he spoke.
    The less he spoke,
    The more he heard.
    Why can't we be like
    That wise old bird?"

    If we only look around at the quality of others' work and think really hard before posting an image, we could drastically improve the quality of images here, i.e., look and learn as much as possible before posting an image.

    Ask questions such as "Do I really think this image is good? Would others even bother to see it or would they curse me for wasting their time? Could I have learnt something from others' pictures and critiques... some obvious error I have made? etc..." before hitting that submit button.

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