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    Default JS n MI....

    JS is my new found friend... CnC welcome...

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    interesting subject! good idea to use your finger for a sense of scale. i would prefer to go even closer with a tighter crop, and to adjust the levels and colours to get a more contrasty image.

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    Quote Originally Posted by excelglsi View Post
    JS is my new found friend... CnC welcome...

    Nice Pic!

    I feel that the finger is too "oily" thus reflecting alot of light, maybe can tone it down a little?
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    nice, i like it as it is just that it is currently too large for my screen

    careful touching up of the less than clean finger would surely improve the picture a lot.. would take time and effort, but i think it would be worth it!

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    Nice and sharp image u have got But your finger has become my focus point. (Just my view)


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