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Thread: Are all Energizers created equal?

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    Yep, the Powerbond type S$2 batteries for one whole carton always leaks. Never ever use them.

    They are good however for usage, say in experiments or teaching students about electricity etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by amateur_photographer View Post
    the last time i bought battery from $2 shop, the battery leaking and damage my electronic stuff. From that onwards, I stop buying battery from that kind of shop. Rather spend extra on battery than losing more expensive equipment.

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    Default Re: Are all Energizers created equal?

    Quote Originally Posted by vince123123 View Post
    I wouldn't know for sure since I don't work in Energizer.

    My unsubstantiated guess is that the batteries work the same way. In the same way that the same Nikon camera costs S$7500 here but only S$6500 in Hong Kong.
    Thanks anyway, Bro.

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