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Thread: What is a good match external Flash for G2

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    Default What is a good match external Flash for G2

    Hi.... what is a good flash for a G2, third party also can,

    considering 380 EX and 420 EX

    what is the different ??

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    well so far the 420EX is not a bad match for it.
    You can try the Sigma EF500Super DG version tho I'm not sure if it work on it. The version b4 it, the EF500Super doesn't seem to work on the G-series and Pro90IS. Maybe the DG(digital) version do support it. You can oso consider the Metz flashes(Sorry I'm not very info abt Metz).

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    Since you are talking about flash, I would like to know if the 380EX or 420EX work on an EOS 88 as well?


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