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Thread: where can i buy magnets?

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    Default where can i buy magnets?

    im looking for good strong magnets for a project.

    i've checked the DIY store, but they have those magnets which chip off very easily. those are the black ones. i'm looking for the silver type.

    anyone has any idea where i can get those small square types of magnets which look like they are part of your hard disk?

    and yes, i've tried using hard disk magnets, but they are too strong and big. once attracted, almost impossible to separate them by hand.

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    Default Re: where can i buy magnets?

    Friend, u can get strong magnet in the Art Shops in the Bras Basah Complex.

    I think the name of the shop is Art Friend or something like that.

    Be prepare to Q for payment 20mins.


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    Default Re: where can i buy magnets?

    what are hard disk magents? is it taken from hard disk? just nice i also need those super strong magnets now.


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