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    Almost all of our wet/dry markets and supermarkets (except Cold Storage) sells only leafless and stalkless tomatoes (see below)?

    The only place where fully leafed with stalks and vines is at Cold Storage, BUT they are so costly, $1.32 per 100gm, ie., about $8 for 5 such small-medium sized tomatoes (see below).

    But these tomatoes stay fresh really long and taste fantastic.
    Every photographer knows which to buy right for taking photos?

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    Can we see at least something like that in more markets?

    It looks more appetizing isn't it?

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    Bro, nice tomato pics, esp. the last one with the bright, cheery red. I love tomatoes too!
    Those cold storage ones with stalks are a different species to the stalkless ntuc ones... hence the difference in taste and lifespan.

    Btw, I think this post would be more aptly posted in the Galleries section, maybe under "abstracts and still life"?
    You'd probably get more comments there... unless that's what you don't want.
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    yeah! I think of the days when I lived on the farm..
    Ate a raw half-ripe tomato then throw up and sick for a few days..
    That's fresh though! :P

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    Saw at my nearby cold storage they sold the small cherry tomatoes, 10 on a single vine, at $3 plus. If size is not an issue, maybe you can use those? The vines are a bit thin though, and not as red as you might like it.. But they still look pretty cos each tomato has a crown of triangular leaves(?).


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