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Thread: GFF Plan 303E "Deep Striker"Gundam

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    Default GFF Plan 303E "Deep Striker"Gundam

    Finally had time to sit down and take some decent pics.

    S Gundam Mode:

    EX-S Gundam Mode:

    Deep Striker Mode:

    More Pic on my flickr if anyone is interested.

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    Default Re: GFF Plan 303E "Deep Striker"Gundam

    oohh, some old school Gundam... remember having a blue one long ago...
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    Default Re: GFF Plan 303E "Deep Striker"Gundam

    Yup pretty old gundam along the line of zeta. The deep striker is just of the many unreleased till recent years model though and pretty good for display.

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    Default Re: GFF Plan 303E "Deep Striker"Gundam

    i love the 3th pic, fully equip. hehe

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    Default Re: GFF Plan 303E "Deep Striker"Gundam

    Its fully equiped is one of the coolest and bigger system in the gundam universe. The only bigger systems is Meteors and Dendrobium. Will probably get Meteor system I will probably get it one day but the Dendrobium is pretty problematic on where to display it (1m Long and weighs a few Kg mmm)


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