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Thread: Help Needed on Camera

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    Hi, I'm using a 1 yr old Casio EX-S770. the warranty was juz over not long and suddenly some problems occurred.

    1) at time when i point and shoot, even in normal lighted conditions, the pictures will become very over exposed.

    2) pictures tat I take sometimes will have those kind of horizontal lines across...

    All this problems were nvr occurred b4. Any one roughly know what could be the problem and whether it is worth it to repair.

    If to repair, to send back to Casio or any other places for recommendations?

    E.g. of the photos..

    thanks !

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    looks like a CCD read-out problem.. prob would be quite costy to replace the sensor..

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    Casio isn't too good anyway... Best to get a new cam. I doubt repairing it will be cost-effective, but you can always try your luck at the Casio service center

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    My poor ixus had that problem too.. Was a sensor problem.. Best thing is to get a new camera bah.. Perhaps a Canon/Nikon?

    Casio calculator died during my exams =x

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    thanks for the help... tink i will be changing the cam...


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