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    WASHINGTON - Marlboro cigarettes, the world's most popular brand, have considerably higher levels of a potent cancer-causing compound than almost all other cigarettes produced by local tobacco companies around the world.

    In a new study by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers found that the level of tobacco-specific nitrosamines, a known cause of cancer, was at least twice as high in Marlboros as in local brands in 10 of 13 nations tested by the CDC.

    In some countries, the Marlboro level was as much as 22 times higher than the local brands.

    Nitrosamines are chemical compounds derived from nicotine, and are considered by many scientists to be one of the two most potent cancer-causing agents in tobacco smoke.

    The study was published yesterday in the Journal of Tobacco and Nicotine Research.

    The popularity of Marlboros and their high levels of nitrosamines may be related, since it is the type of tobacco used and the way it is cured and mixed that creates both the distinct American cigarette taste and the higher nitrosamine levels.

    'The American blending process results in the higher nitrosamine levels,' said the report's lead author David Ashley, of the CDC National Center for Environmental Health. 'It's not just Marlboros, but most American cigarettes that have these considerably higher levels of nitrosamines.'

    The conclusion comes at a time when US tobacco companies are looking increasingly to developing nations as their growth market. -- Washington Post

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    Now we just have to wait for a class action lawsuit... someone will sue them for a few billion dollars. How typical.

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    smoking is really bad.

    Both my parent have serious health problem.
    my mum from secong hand smoke.
    my dad from first hand smoke.

    most smoker shrug off the ill effect but smoking this thing of habit only come back and hunt you after 20yr...
    they clog up your blood vessels. Carcinogic agent causing lung cancer/nose cancer ...etcs.

    try not to smoke


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