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    hi bros and sis...
    this is the first time i'm posting here and would sincerely like to hear your C&C...

    i like the look on the monkey's face... depicts a sense of concentration as it tries to eat the peanut which i supposed was thrown by the visitors... but somehow i find something is missing... is the blurry background too distracting?

    details of the photo are as follows:
    Location: Upper Pierce Reservoir
    Camera: Canon EOS 350D
    Aperture: f/5.6
    Exposure time: 1/250sec
    Focal Length: 208mm
    ISO Speed: 400

    no editing was done to this pic...
    thank you in advance!

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    i think it's not the blur of the background that is distracting.. but rather.. the colour of the background..

    not too sure about it.. but maybe going even lower.. and then using more foilage as the background might be better.. and capturing more of the face (the right eye?!) of the monkey might be good.. you might even consider a tighter crop..

    my 2 cents.. =)

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    thank you very much ssping83...
    will definitely try it out next time round

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    i would like it to be crop tighter... if the theme is concentration.. i would luv to see only the monkey not the background

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    Hopefully you are not those purist who insist on not editing photos.
    Alot can be done in post process to enhance this pic. Cropping, adding contrast/saturation, b/w convertion etc.

    Composition wise, focus more on the eyes, concentration is seen thru the eyes more than any. Right now there's too much background at the top and too little of the monkey. Given that the subject is very hard to capture, do try again.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    not to worry... im not a purist who insists on not editing photos
    its juz tat i dun have the time yet to do it...
    tankiu very much for the C&C...


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