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Thread: How do you get around?

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    Default How do you get around?

    This is a hand-driven bike (note the pedals are meant for the hands to cycle) from Cambodia. Why a hand-driven bike? Because Cambodia is the most heavily mined country on Earth, with over 1M mines still uncleared. There are a lot of landmine victims with one or no legs. They still need to get around.

    It would have been nice to have a real rider on the bike, but I guess one can't ask for everything in a pic, not as a tourist.

    Tech data: 35/2 IV @ 5.6, Pan F+ @ ISO 50. Printed on Ilford MG IV RC Glossy at Grade 2.

    PS. I don't have a film scanner, this is scanned from the print, so no tech comments please. I assure you what you see on screen is not as good as the real print.

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    Hi Bro,

    If you dun mind, I can share one of mine which was taken during my trip to AKW.


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