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    I have a small tripot SAKURE TR-01 (approx 1200 mm high fully extended) and I discovered that the the removable piece the can screw onto the camera and later mount on the tripod has cracked. I was wondering where can I buy this spare part? It is of 28mm approx square.

    Though this tripod is cheap, but I like its small size and light weight. I don't frequently use a tripod so I quite reductant to buy a expensive one. Throwing the tripod away just because of the crack mounting piece is a little too "sayang".

    Can any kind soul tell me is there a place I can find the replacement piece?


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    if its not a standard size plate, i think its hard to find a spare plate that can fit.

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    I tried to find shop that sell SAKURE tripod, but I was unable to locate them. Anyone can help on this?

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    Try looking up at TK Foto.
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