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    C&C welcome....

    Only did some changes in brightness and contrast. Would like to know how can I improve on various ways i.e composition, lightings etc..... Thanks

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    You can show his tools of the trade, past work/exhibits or a clearer view of what he's doing in the picture. You probably should have framed tighter even, many great industrial shots are not about who the worker is but on what he's doing, but since it's rice you'll need a macro lense and short focusing distance that might or might not be awkward for you. Well that's the price of a good shot.

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    Thanks foxtwo, intention was to picture him in concentration. Was in Marina Bay during the CNY, and was pushed out from the way by groups of people

    Had tried to picture him from behind, but the pic shows overblown from the light. You are right, I could've taken some of his exhibits..... d**m.... how could I've missed that.. ..... THANKS

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    OT, how about remove his pink bottle.. only a little distracting... what other think??

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    I also think the picture is too cramp, but just too crowded during that time.......


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