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Thread: Buying Lenses from HK...

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    Default Buying Lenses from HK...

    Maybe going to HK... Any bro can recommend which shop to go n wat tin to watch out... thanks alot...

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    Go to consumer corner in market place and do a search on Hong Kong or Hongkong. Tonnes of info there, brother.

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    just check for warrenty card. and if u like the price. and see if the lens is new. test like u do in sg. then pay and go!

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    U can easily spot those "black shops", they normally have hugh neon signboards like "SONY", "NIKON", "CANON", and with very common shop names as "Worldwide Cameras", "Budget Electronics" etc, just like Singapore.

    The better shops are Man Shing, Wing Shing, (Mongkok area), Tin Cheung (Tsim Sha Tsui area). If u intend to pay in cash, say upfront so they will give u better price.

    The big electronic department store is Broadway, u will see it everywhere, they sell latest cameras and handphones etc, fixed prices.

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    also got my lenses from either Man Shing, Wing Shing, (Mongkok area),
    Happy shopping bro
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