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    I edited my photo from photoshop CS2 to adjust the level, curve & colors. It looks ok (vivid) when i opened it with CS2 & viewNX but the image looks very desaturated & warmer when I opened it with window picture and fax viewer, internet explorer, Ms photo editor & Ms paint. Any idea what caused this problem?

    Note: I use the adobe Gamma in control panel to set my laptop LCD screen.

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    photoshop is a colour-aware program whereas the others are not

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    Err..How would I know which photo is my end results?

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    end result as in your final output?... are you going to print it, or put it on the web, or view it from your own computer?... if print, go with Photoshop... if for the web, hope for the best (although some would recommend to adjust it so that it looks good on your web browser)... if for your own viewing on your computer, you can adjust it so that it looks right on your viewing program, whichever it is...

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    Found the root cause. It was the mismatch of color profile being set on my OS and photoshop. Thanks for the inputs guys


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