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Thread: FAJ 75-300 in Best Denki?

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    Default FAJ 75-300 in Best Denki?

    Was strolling around Vivocity today, when I came across Best Denki and they were promoting Pentax cameras.
    Mostly the compacts, but they had some promo for the K100D Super too.
    What caught my eye though was the FAJ 75-300 that was on display together with the K100D Super.
    There was no mention about the lens in the brochures (Promo bundled the kit lens with the body).
    So I asked the sales guy about the lens, but he said not for sale; only for bundle...

    Anyway, just curious, wonder how the lens perform...

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    Default Re: FAJ 75-300 in Best Denki?

    Goodness!!! Has Shriro finally got their act together and brought the Pentax brand into mainstream retail outlets?? Then they should have some sort of live demo stand over there to get the man-in-the-street to join the Pentax rebellion. Otherwise to them it would just be another "one-of-the-other-camera-bands" for those who have been fed on C-owners..
    Its a start.....oooooh......its a start!

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    Default Re: FAJ 75-300 in Best Denki?

    The FAJ 75-300 is an okay lens. It's light, it's plastic, AF is fast, faster than all the other 70-300 lenses in PK mount. Optical performance is okay, not fantastic, but it's a cheap lens, you can't expect too much from it

    Some user/owner reviews here:

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    Default Re: FAJ 75-300 in Best Denki?

    I have this lens and I'd say it's just nice for someone who's looking for an affordable zoom lens. I used it to shoot a parade I saw in Tokyo last August. AF is fast enough to capture the energetic and fast movements of their dances... but being a newbie, someone else might have other ideas. You can see some of the shots taken with this lens in my facebook album.
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    Default Re: FAJ 75-300 in Best Denki?

    This is about 80% crop of the moon using FAJ 75-300. (I needed it to be within 600x400 and 100% was too big). The shot was taken hand held at 300mm.


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