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Thread: Causeway peak hours for weekend

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    Default Causeway peak hours for weekend

    Sorry, it's for weekday instead.

    Hi, I'm planning to go to JB on a weekday for some shopping and food. I never went on weekdays and is unsure about the weekday peak hours of the checkpoint and it's definite that I want to avoid them instead of getting jammed for hours. Any body has any idea when will it be packed (or any time which is very empty)? Planning to leave in the morning and return by night.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Heard from my friend that as long you avoid the peek hours, say morning and evening from 5 to 8pm, that place would be quite easy to drive..
    Better check with the news on traffic situation before you depart to Johor Bahru..

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    Hmm, I know about the cameras for the causeway, but it's not really that concerning for me as I'll take the bus and the camera can be totally different to the situation to the immigration (the Causeway was clear but the immigration complex was packed to the door and needed to wait for almost 2 hours!)


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