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    ok, i'm a newbie at the dslr game.

    been shooting film for ages (slr, tlr, p&s). 35mm and mid format. still love the stuff, always will. but i've got some $$ (not much) saved up and was thinking of crossing to the digital side, but i know nuts about these new fangled dslrs. i've got a digital p&s, but i hardly take it around, it's more my wife's camera.

    nikon is my prefered choice as i've got an F801 and some lenses. theres a promotion on nikon gear this month:

    D200 (body only) + battery grip and battery: AU$2,199.00

    D80 + AFS DX18-55G & AF70-300 G:AU$1,599.00

    D40x + AFS 18-55 & AFS 55-200 DF IF ED VR + Bag, 2GB card, strap & LCD protector: AU$1,199.00

    seeing as i'm just starting with a dslr, i'm thinking more of the D80 or D40x but is the $400 difference worth it? AU$1,600 is pretty much my budget.

    any suggestions/advice is much appreciated.

    ta in advance.
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    You might want to wait for a few months to get the Nikon D60 which has more advanced features than the D40 and D40x


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