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Thread: Where to large cap album?

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    Default Where to large cap album?

    Hi guys,

    I have never really bought albums before, so I only know of Konata ...

    I need to get a large capacity album for about 600 4R prints.

    Simple and plain - nothing fancy, with thin slip-in sleeves.

    I guess the best way to describe it is, moderate quality, not too expensive, but not cheapo either.

    Anyone have any suggestions to share?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Default Re: Where to large cap album?

    how about those with refill pages?

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    Default Re: Where to large cap album?

    Try Photo King at Market Street. Its the kodak shop at the multi story carpark. The last time i went past they have those with refill and large and looks "classy"
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    Default Re: Where to large cap album?

    do note 600 pieces of 4R prints itself is already very heavy, so if you looking for a slot in album to contain them, look for a paper page with thin clear plastic pockets.

    the best you can spit them into two albums, cos if an album able to contain all the 600 photos, is so heavy that no one will want to view the whole album.
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    Default Re: Where to large cap album?

    Thanks Eiking, chan and Catchlights.

    Yeah, I know. I've advised client but they prefer to have it all in one album. I'll look around.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Worse comes to the worse, will advise them that 600 pix in one album, the album won;t last long because of the weight of the photos 'pulling' down the pages.


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