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    Received this email from Dawn (Objectifs). Reproduced here for everyone's info.


    H O M E I S W H E R E T H E A R T I S
    a series of photography talks
    co-presented by objectifs and singapore art museum

    "home is where the art is" focuses on generating ideas and inspiration for photography in singapore. three photographers - chuang lee jen, ken seet, and tay kay chin - will share with the audience their own sources of artistic motivation and direction. above all, these locally based photographers will illustrate how ideas can be found, even in our very own backyard.

    date: jun 8, 2003 (sunday)
    time: 200pm to 500pm
    registration starts at 130pm
    venue: singapore art museum
    71 bras basah road

    200pm - 300pm tay kay chin: an idea a day
    300pm - 400pm chuang lee jen: i am a commercial photographer
    400pm - 500pm ken seet: two full-time jobs - passion and profession

    for more details on this event, please visit our web site at questions can be directed to or 6339 3068.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    P A N O R A M I C S I N G A P O R E
    a photo exhibition by tay kay chin

    the exhibition showcases a series of images by tay kay chin, a 2003 hasselblad master, documenting a side of singapore seldom noticed in its rapidly changing landscape. working in the tradition of street photography and in the panoramic format, kay chin's images capture moments that reflect the essence of singaporean life. there will be 25 images on display, most of them made using the hasselblad xpan between february to may 2001.

    date: jun 5 to 25, 2003
    time: 11am to 7pm (closed on sundays)
    venue: objectifs - centre for photography and filmmaking
    12a liang seah street

    for more details on this event, please visit our web site at questions can be directed to or 6339 3068.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Dawn Teo
    Objectifs - Centre for Photography and Filmmaking

    12A Liang Seah Street
    Singapore (189033)
    Tel: +65 6339 3068
    Fax; +65 6339 6930

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    Anyone going for the talks on 8th June?

    I might as well start a list here:

    Objectifs Talks on 8th June
    1) chyeo

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    is it free ????


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