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    Hey all,
    i just noticed that KRW's homepage has a left handed nikon.
    did some research on it and a forum said that nikon made it for him.

    Quote from tee why of, thread sage teaching of ken rockwell.
    Originally Posted by the_incubus
    "These indoor and night shots are hand-held. Tripods are for the weak. I stack the odds in my favor by firing bursts of several shots in the Continuous shutter mode and sorting out the sharpest later..."


    No, that's a monopod, he only uses it on his left handed Nikon built just for him by Nikon. He wouldn't reverse the photo and not expect photogs to realize that he is shooing a left handed slr now, would he?
    Quote fould here.

    more info on his site,

    Now, wouldn't it be good for all the lefties if nikon did make a left handed cam?

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    No wonder he's such a suckup to Nikon.

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    din notice about this lefty thingy...just like watches..

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    Yeah, and he has alot of haters too.


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