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Thread: Selling: Macintosh system (Dual Gig)

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    Default Selling: Macintosh system (Dual Gig)

    Hi all,

    this system is up for sale.

    MAC G4 - 10 mths old

    - Dual 1GHz processor model
    - 17" flat screen Apple Monitor
    - 1 GB of RAM
    - 80 GB internal HD
    - Superdrive DVD / CD recorder
    - Boots into OS 9 and OS X
    - Comes with Apple Care extended warranty (still 2years+ more)
    - Firewire, USb ready

    Pre-installed (licensed) software:

    OS 9.2.2

    Final Cut Pro 3
    w/ Boris FX 6
    Cinelook and Cinemotion plug-in
    Color Finesse
    Logic Audio (to be confirmed)
    Photoshop 6
    Apple Works

    OS X.2.6 (Jaguar)

    Final Cut Pro 3
    Adobe After Effects
    Office X
    Virtual PC 6 running Windows 98 SE
    Photoshop 7
    Apple Works
    Toast (latest version)
    Communication Software (XNap, Direct Connect, Limewire etc)

    Email me at to discuss price.

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    why you are selling it away?

    It very good system

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    Check ur email Terry


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