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Thread: An Invitation to all.

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    Default An Invitation to all.

    Just developed my roll of Kodak Tmax 400s. I invited anyone interested, to view the pictures at . The pictures were taken in Perth, with images of street candids, portraits and architecture. Leave behind your comments. Many tHanks. Here's a sample.

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    you've got some really cool stuffs, marc. I especially like the pano of the young man against the pillars....nice and clean.

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    very nice series, the protrait shots are engaging, good use of light and contrast.

    Hope to see more B&W shots from ya!!

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    Thanks for the compliments.... . Yeah, perhaps I'll shoot more black and white. Hmm... still trying very hard to improve. Gotta sit down and ponder.... .

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    did u develop and print the pictures urself or paid for the high cost of processing b/w in pro labs?

    If u print urself, do try different grades of paper, not just the multi grade types, or even with ilford and agfa film. There are tonnes of possibilities in b/w.

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    I dont have the skill and equipment to do it myself. Tried it once, but took almost 5-6 tries, before getting the best print. I'll concentrate on photo taking for now, and leave the rest of my time for studies and whatever crap there is bothering me. THanks anyway . =) .


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