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Thread: Creative Town

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    Just an informal opinion gathering post.
    Currently I work in a group that strives to coordinate efforts to encourage creative culture in the community.
    Anyway, I am sort of basing this loosely on the pass it on culture within this forum (inspiring)
    Anyway, the concept of this club house we would like to create is one where youths or anyone could go to participate in creative projects and learn within their community.
    Anyway to get this idea rolling, we have decided to do a pilot in a CC.
    For this pilot I have decided to narrow the stuff to be learnt to be within these three areas:

    1) Animation: 3D modelling and animation could be presented as two separate skill-sets to make it easier for the target audience to absorb.

    2) Video Production and Storyboarding: The main skills of video editing and compositing could be introduced. Either a low end ( Adobe Premiere (amateur standard) or a high end (Discreet’s Combustion (industrial standard) software could be used. Video editing would involve teaching participants the techniques behind seamlessly integrating video clips from consumer digital video cameras or the end products of the participants in the animation courses. Compositing would involve participants learning to integrate different elements into a video clip. A project participants could be involved in would be producing a filler (e.g., the animated logos and scoreboards seen in a soccer game television broadcast). This could again involve co-operation with participants learning animation.

    Storyboarding could come under the ambit of creative writing and drama production. It involves coming out with a story, writing a good script, and also visualising the process on storyboards. This would again allow synergies to be formed, as this would form content for the animation and video production students to produce.

    3) Digital Music Production : Software like Cakewalk Studio allows users to digitally synthesise music tunes that are available as libraries on the web or users could use their own musical instruments to produce short music tunes that can be mixed in this software. This is analogous to a DJ mixing music but on a computer and not a spin table. Students in this area could collaborate with the animation and video production students to contribute to the audio part of the digital media experience.

    The main aim would be to bring a appreciation of creativity within the community, within the heartland. Equipment would initially be based on those available within the CCs and software hopefully could be from corporate sponsers.
    Other than trainers from IDA, MDA and other government agencies, I think what would make this really special would be volunteers from professionals, advanced amateurs or even total strangers to this technology to help.
    This pilot would then spawn other similar projects in other towns and that would help perpetuate a love of art and a strong " pass it on" culture which I believe would do all of us good

    Hee sorry no photography.....I love photography too but I wanted to bring something that is always quite inaccessible to the public. Anyway its pretty much in the same industry.

    Anyway, I would love opinions from u guys ( more critique, the better) and a poll to see how many would participate or volunteer if this came to fruition.

    P.S: Disclaimer :Right now, this is a personal post, nothing to do with my organization yet:P
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    woot.. i wld like to take part man.. animation n storyboarding is fun stuff

    volunteer as in?

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    interesting.... I'm formerly from Film Sound & Video (NP), specialised in Computer Graphic & Animation (2D/3D)

    Softimage based (SGI machines)

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    Default :)

    Volunteer to teach or
    Join to learn...
    But I think that maybe kids with no possibility if access to these media should be the tgt audience


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