I have the Acer 632XV Travelmate for sale:

Cosmetic condition
Overall outer apperance 10/10
LCD Screen 10/10
Keyboard 7/10
Battery 10/10

Intel P4 Mobile 1.6 Ghz
AGP 16MB GeForce2 GO (dedicated)
14.1" TFT (No DEAD pixels)
CD/DVD-ROM (DVD Region free firmware flashed)
Floppy (Hotswap with CD/DVD ROM)
Windows XP Home (Not registered cos since bought formatted to Windows2K and Windows XP Pro)

2 x USB 1.1
1 x Comm
1 x S-Video
1 x Video Out
1 x IEEE1349
1 x Type II PCM/CIA Slot
1 x Smartcard reader (inbuilt)
1 x InfraRed (Good for PDAs and IR phones)
1 x 10/100 Mbps LAN
1 x V.90 56K Modem

Battery can be charged 100% full used less then 10 times since bought.

Work purposes and studies purposes, now finishing studies, no more usage, will sell if price is right.

- USB Acer Optical Mouse (laptop mouse)
- Original Acer Carrying Case
- Restoration from the recovery CD to it's factory initial state

Additional Info
- Additional Kingston 256MB DDR PC-266Mhz for $88 (bought in early Jan or Feb from Fuwell, forgot)

- Laptop has been well taken care of, no hard knocks or drops

Age: 11 months
Warranty: Approx 1 month left by Acer Singapore

Reserve Price $1700 (Add $88 for RAM)
Bought $2888 last year

- I don't care what the new laptops costs how much with better specs or what, this is my price, please respect it, if you feel it's not right and there's a person bidding for it, then kindly PM that person in private, avoid banal talk here, thanks. Much appreciated.

- Will not sell seperately. Reserve the right not to sell if price is not right.

- Please add on to the bidding list below by quoting and adding ur name and bid. Each bid increment $10. Bidding through PMs will not be entertained.

Name, Bid
1) xxxx, $bid