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    Hi all, went back to my secondary school and took a few shots. I took in monochrome to give that.."back in time" feeling. The lockers really lightened the load of my school bag. XD

    Are the exposures right for monochrome? C&C are definitely welcomed.

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    A digital capture is always too clean. Little noise, no grain, totally lacking in your wanted 'old-school feel'. Use the texture filter to add some grain. Dust and scratches optional.

    Your image is lacking a main subject. Compositionally your lockers are leading to the main subject down the hall, unfortunately there's nothing there. If it were me having to shoot this, I'd shoot with a telephoto lense, landscape (better to show the width of the hall and compression of the lockers) format, and wait for someone to fill the end of the hallway.

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    Thanks for the advice, will take note! =)

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    if u wanna take the lockers, then just try framing the lockers only, without the rest of the corridor. that should probably isolate a subject more clearly. also, id prefer the DOF to be towards the left of the pic (supposing ur shooting in a similar direction) so tt the rest of the lines would lead the viewer to those lockers
    also try using 1 row of lockers, as the second row below was a little weird (since its equally sharp)

    exposure wise, its quite appropriate to the theme, a little underexposed is gd. and i do agree with the grain thing (though id rather not have scratches)

    just my opinion

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    Really appreciate the opinions! Will remember them in practice next time.

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    Default Love the idea, not so much the execution.

    This shot lacks anything personal to connect the viewer to the title (Memory Lane).

    Lockers are personal, so you need to capture something that might make a viewer go, "hey! My locker looked something like this one in the picture!"

    Maybe it should've been photographed straight on, close crop on one particular locker. Then look out for something that makes this locker stand out from the rest. Interesting shaped padlock (in my JC, some fella used a pair of disposable chopsticks as a lock!), graffiti, or perhaps a sticker or some other sort of decoration?

    As for colours, I prefer it to either have a washed-out 80s look, or the cross-processed "Lomo" look. To me, this couldn't have been that long ago to warrant it as a B&W shot. (This is just my subjective opinion).
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    It lacked alittle punch, just make it more contrasty, do some simple vignetting to bring attention to a locker you want the viewer to see. i think it should help alittle

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    Thanks for the advice, appreciate it!


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