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    Default im new

    hi all,,

    i just got mine canon 400d last two weeks with 18-55 kit lens.
    any tips for me

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    Default You just need two books.

    Buy your first photography book. Get the simplest, thinnest book you can find, so that you can get up to speed with all the basics and finish the book in one sitting, without getting too bored, confused or frustrated.

    Then go and practice shooting. Keep shooting. Bring your camera with you everywhere and use it!

    After a while, if you decide to get really serious, get your second photography book. This one will be more advanced, and you will refer to it occasionally as reference. It's like a "photography bible" of sorts.

    That's my personal approach to learning anything new.
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    Default Re: im new

    yes, photography book is a must and no need to buy, library has very good resources.
    from me, dont just type and read the forum, go out and take some pictures
    old saying: practice makes perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazfyre View Post
    hi all,,

    i just got mine canon 400d last two weeks with 18-55 kit lens.
    any tips for me
    Getting out there, you won't get the shot if you don't get out there! (or at least have your camera with you)

    Another thing about gear is to know your gear. Read the manual, know how to use it, know it's limitations so you can know workarounds.

    Learn how to expose correctly. So when taking the photograph you can concentrate more on composition and not thinking too much about gear or trying to remember how to expose.

    Try to get exposure and composition exactly how you want it while you are taking the photograph rather than try to fix it later (this is because I'm not good at fixing things ) . So one stage, I liked using my grad filters a lot, but, I feel they lowered my image quality a bit, so I've stopped using them for a while.

    Shoot as much as you can and learn from it Have fun!!!
    It is the camera, not the photographer.
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    Default Re: im new

    some general tips

    * go closer
    * shoot early in the morning
    * shoot late in the afternoon
    * use tripod
    * attend a course

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    Default Re: im new

    Learn about the Shutter, Aperture, ISO.
    Try to consistently produce pictures without camera shake and well exposed.
    After you get this you can explore the other special effects your camera can create.
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    Default Re: im new

    shoot more. review your photos after shooting. get comments/critques for improvement.

    read up. there's a lot of useful articles about photography available online.

    learn by looking at other's photos.

    lastly, have fun!


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