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Thread: SLR-like cameras?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alvincrew View Post
    hey guys, thanks very much for your replies.

    The reason why i didnt want to take up a DSLR is because i enjoy point-and-shoot most of time and i dont like the maintenence required to take proper care of a DSLR. I have considered entry DSLR but i really think that i'll end up being another one of those people who don't use fully utilize their DSLR cameras. Perhaps i'll dive into the DSLR world but definately not soon, perhaps 3 or 4 years down the road. For now, i'm looking at the DSLR-like for advantages like compactability, semi-manual functions and decent image quality/zoom (compared to consumer's).

    I've narrowed down to a few cameras:
    Panasonic Lumix FZ18
    Fujifilm 9600
    Fujifilm 6500fd

    I'm looking at shutter speed functions (i prefer to have a good min/max range) and also relatively good noise reduction. Anyone here have experience with the these cameras?
    My only complaint about PnS and DSLR-like is the use of the small sensors and the slow contrast detection AF. With such small sensors, the image quality can never be good. You need not get an entry level DSLR to use all the functions. The image quality you can get from it already more than justify the slightly more you pay for it. I don't use all the functions in my DSLR too.

    The only SLR-like which boasts a APS-C sized sensor is the Sony DSC-R1 and I think the images are good! Still I don't think the focusing is as fast as true DSLRs which allows you to capture decisive moments. PnS are just a Pain in the @sS when it comes to a situation like this.
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    me also caught between choosing FX 18 , FZ 50 and S5 IS . I am concerned with S5 battery life span and the charging slow..

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