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Thread: Any Cactus lover?

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    Go down stair n get some soil to replace if u think not enough lor. Remember not to over water it. My area humility is high, thinks my cactus don't need much water liao.
    please do not use ordinary top soil you get from gardens, etc. it may be too rich in nutrients that may 'burn' the roots of the more sensitive species. and that is not your only problem. some soil may contain too much clay that would retain too much water for the cacti.

    best is to go to the gardening section of stores (ntuc, giant, etc.) and buy a pack of cacti/succulent soil. those are mixed with sand/pumice/etc to make the soil drain faster after watering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlpnel View Post
    Hi...would like to share my 2 little ones at my kitchen window. Pics were taken after a heavy thunderstorm and water splashed all over the cactus. Tot they looked good and decided to try some macro shots on them....(taken way back in Dec'05 and still growing very well). I water them almost every other day.........

    these guys are EXTREMELY HARDY. they can survive the tropical conditions in SG & don't need much attention, other than plenty of sunlight. else, they will etiolate.

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    2 more flower buds going to blossom soon. Current one still there n I just water them cause i see the soil quite dry. Water the plant for the flower, cactus maybe can tahan. Will post another set of pics soon.
    Only Sony device mostly, haha!

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