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Thread: Tokina lens comments and complaints

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    Originally posted by munfai
    valid points for Sigma. Their 70-200 f/2.8 EX is an excellent example of very fast AF, even on non-HSM mounts like Minolta.

    but personally, the importance of build quality comes in very closely after optical quality (which should be pretty close between Tokina and Sigma). Sigma lenses simply feel like they have to be pampered, or they'll cry and stop working. And Sigma lenses are generally gigantic. You can easily mistake the 15-30 for a 24-70.

    Oops... it has become more like a thread on 'Sigma lens comments and complaints'...
    So is the Sigma better than Tokina since the AF & min focussing dist is better than Tokina?
    Optically, Tokina seems cooler as compared to Sigma.

    Seems to have lots of pro Tokina users here...

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    Originally posted by ckiang
    The best Tokina : The AF 28-70mm f/2.6-2.8 ATX Pro II. Sharp from f/4 onwards. Very well built. Discontinued, but should be able to get at around $400 used.

    The above-mentioned lens is also known affectionately as the 'Cheng Kiang Lens'.

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    Originally posted by yeocolin
    so when you mention about questioning the build quality of the lens, what does it mean?
    construction is lightweight (althought size is not) and doesn't give you the 'feel' that it's hardy. surface is easily scratchable. manual focusing ring is gets very loose after much use.

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