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    Smile need advice

    hi all,

    im new in this so need some advice and suggestion on the technics on taking pictures eg. fountain ? water fall , the thing is how do i get the silky effect?...i was told by adjusting to slow shutter speed , but the problem is setting a slow shutter speed would make the picture over expose in broad day light(using av in doing so) , im new so trying to play around with the tv and av. so must i use a filter ?...and wat are filter really for and how much ?

    im sorry to ask this silly question as i tried reading it but cant seem to understand as im a bit slow n bodoh....i would appreciate ur advice....thanks in advance.

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    view this, you may need a ND filter to cut down the exposure if you are shooting at board day light.
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    thanks a lot....but just wondering how much will the filter cost me?

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    Depends on the thread size of your lens. Go to John 3:16 and pick up your filters there. Depending on what filter you're looking for, it could cost SGD 18 up to 45 or 50.

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    thank you .. i 'll drop by and check it out .. thanks again


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