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    Hello all. First time here. So according to the guidelines for short write-ups:
    1. In what area is critique to be sought?
    How to improve this photo.

    2. What one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    Sense of gracefulness. Almost as if it's because there's zero gravity.

    3. Under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Well, jellyfishes are known to be graceful. So I spent a good 10 minutes admiring them in their tanks (Sentosa Underwater World). Sounds wierd but I did feel some warmth while watching them 'dance' about.

    4. What the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture.
    Okay. I really should have positioned the jellyfishes better, or crop it. It's kind of neither here nor there. I tried to crop, but the resolution was bad.

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    hi, i feel it would be better if both jelly fish's whole body be seen in the picture as both bodies are cut off.

    but the colours are pretty.
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    thank you thank you!


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    Like what you have mentioned, the jellyfish is neither here nor there. At least one of the jellyfish should be shown fully for the viewers to fully appreciate the beauty of these jellyfish. Also you might wanna clone out distractions like the thing on the bottom right corner.

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    Other than those mentioned, I would like to shoot this in portrait mode, as the jellyfish itself is vertical and also for the feel of depth. Btw, the pic is a little noisy....but the vignette is nice.

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    When I look at pictures of deep-sea creatures, my reaction is always 'whoa that's not from earth'. Sea creatures live in a different medium; look alien; some are poisonous to the touch; others have bright shiny teeth, etc. Jelly fishes are pretty unique, a plastic bag with propulsion. Anyway, what I'm getting to is your picture gives a sense on wonder, a glimpse into the strange world of jelly fishes. I said a similiar thing to someone's pictures of flowers, you're not shooting for a science textbook. Go ahead, chop things off. Not everyone's interested in seeing the subject as the subject. Give us room to imagine and fantasise.

    I do like your picture, seeing a subject in full gets boring after a while and chopping bits off is refreshing. Only problem is the bottom jelly fish is directly below the top one, if it were a little more to the left corner would be great. Do clone out the little bit at the bottom right corner, pretty sloppy to leave it in.

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    thank you m3lv1nho, lastboltnut and foxtwo for your critiques, and suggestions!

    I'm going to try shooting this again.
    after my 'O's

    can't believe I didn't notice the small distraction at that corner until recently!!
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