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Thread: anyone own vosonic vp5500.

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    Default anyone own vosonic vp5500.

    hi, i need help to get the vp5500 to work with mine macbook. So what the story about?
    mine macbook working on the mac os 10.5 leopard, does not seem recognize the vp5500 hard disk format at FAT32. therefore not able to download the file in the mac, but it seem to work fine in my window xp at the boot camp section. so how can i fix it to work for my mac?

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    Default Re: anyone own vosonic vp5500.

    I find Vosonic VP5500 is cool. I thought it's compatible with Mac OS 10.0.1 and above beside Windows XP, Vista and Linux Kerneal 2.4 above. If still doesn't work, I would suggest that you check further with their technical support. Find out their contact from the shop that you purchased from. I wanted to grab one this same device last Wednesday unfortunately they have no stock available except for display set. I happen to know their website as follow. Check this out - who knows, this time you might be lucky and resolved your problem.:

    rgds., Wal

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    Default Re: anyone own vosonic vp5500.

    have you tried formatting in leopard?
    u prob can format it as fat32 in leopard. that should help i guess?

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    how to format when i will not detec it when connect to usb? unless i remove my laptop hard disk and replace it to reformat it?

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    just now i did remove vp5500 hard disk to reformat it on my macbook 10.5. but still it will not detect in my macbook.Why?

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    so did anyone buy this device in the it show? did anyone had the same problem like me...can help..

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    Default Re: anyone own vosonic vp5500.

    ericlong you might like to post this question in You might get your answer there.

    Typically as long as it is FAT 32 it should work.


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