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Thread: compactflash as external storage?

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    Default compactflash as external storage?

    Hi, saw some discount on buy sell forum on compactflash. If used the compactflash as a external storage with a usb or firewire reader, does winxp require any driver for the card and reader to work?

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    I know for sure WinXP does not require a driver for USB external storage. Not sure about Firewire.

    Between the 2, if you have a USB2.0 port and using a USB2.0 reader (one that actually supports USB2.0 high speed transfer, not just USB2.0 compatible), then the speeds are more or less the same, and mainly limited by the CF card speed.
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    WinXP will support any Firewire external storage device, (hdd casing or card reader) w/o the need for drivers.

    Not so sure about the older versions of Windows though.


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