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Thread: Finally took the plunge on a D80!

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    Thumbs up Finally took the plunge on a D80!

    Hi to all forumers!

    I'm a newbie to DSLRs and its my first time posting here but I've learnt TONS from reading the advice and articles in this forum. Salute to all the forumers who kindly and patiently answer even the most trivial question! The atmosphere is great and I look forward to learning more from everyone.

    Anyway, after many hours of research and 'recon' trips, I've plunked down the moolahs for a Nikon D80 from a shop that's well regarded in this forum.

    If you're curious about my selection, well.. I think you can't go wrong with any of the cameras in this price range, but the moment I picked up the D80, it felt really good in my hands (I got big fat hands, you see...).

    Also, invested in a dry cabinet. Lesson learnt from my old film SLR days: the gaskets and seals around the shutter 'melted' and jammed the shutter movement. All these even though I kept it in a dry box with silica gel, no direct sunlght etc...

    Now looking forward to the long weekend and learning all that my new baby can perform

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    Congrats to your purchase! The next thing you'd need to plonk your moolah into is a flash!
    from guitars, cars to dslr...

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    Take this chance to capture the happy moods in your family if you're celebrating the lunar new year...

    If u need help with this camera or want to know more abt the nikon systems...feel free to look through the nikon sub-forum and ask for help

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    if you going to take fireworks during thie CNY seasons you will need a cable release, black card and ballhead/tripod.

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    Default Re: Finally took the plunge on a D80!

    Welcome to the Dark side.

    enjoy your new purchase and practise more with it...
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    welcome to the dark side..and you must be a roadie as well

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    Forgot to add:
    Happy Chinese New Year to all! May all your aspirations and wishes come true

    Actually I'm not chinese so I dont celebrate the New Year. Instead, I used the off-days for a quick getaway with family in Desaru. Gave me a chance to be 'acquainted' with the camera.. haha.

    As for being a roadie... More like an ex-roadie turned mountain biker turned motorbiker turned four-wheels family driver.. Cant cycle anymore cos I got a torn knee ligament

    Anyways, enjoy the holidays! i know I will...

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    heh, me too. i got mine one month ago. and i'm enjoying every second with it. =)


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