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Thread: Stamford House and other colonial buildings

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    I am just wondering...

    For colonial buildings which has the victorian architecture like Stamford House, Singapore History Museum, Raffles Hotel, Chijmes, Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.. do i have to pay the respective management some money to have the opportunity to shoot there? Or can i shoot for free in these places?

    My photographer and i(i'm not a model but i'm my photog's client) will need to a colonial style building to shoot 1950's Audrey Hepburn style pictures.. (something like a girl dressed in a Little Black Dress with big chic shades don with a hat and umbrella/helium balloons).. arms dressed in long black gloves.. something really classic, black and white..

    Hopefully, my photog and i will be able to find a nice spiral staircase (Victorian Style) to shoot.

    Anyone has experience shooting those places? How much did you pay? Do you have the management contact? Ever got chased out before?

    Please help.

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    the National Museum has a nice Victorian spiral staircase at the lobby... visit their website for contact info... they have a page specially for people who want to do a photoshoot or film there...

    I believe that for all those places, you would need to pay a fee for commercial shoots... give them a call... commercial premises, like Raffles Hotel, Chijmes and Stamford House would probably want to charge more than say the National Museum... who knows about the Railway Station...

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    i checked. the National museum charges $107 (inc. GST) to allow photographers to shoot the museum.

    I think it is a really nice place to shoot.. i really like the nice red hanging chandeliers in the museum..

    i wonder if Singapore art musuem (Old SJI)is free ...

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    Chijmes spiral staircase ...

    Go in ... walk around like swakoo-koo, lookie see see here there ...

    Then ask model to pose at staircase, take a few photos, then act blur as shots CMI. Set up lights, driect etc etc etc ... re-shoot shoot till you get the results you want. Try to look as if you're not some big time production team - sure can shoot FOC wan.

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    Be honest to the owners of the buildings..... if you are shooting for a commercial job, just apply and pay to the respective owners and charge to your client ... but if it is not so elaborate and you are shooting for fun, probably just go there and shoot a few shots and move on ..... dont think anyone will stop you ....
    always the Light, .... always.


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