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Thread: Stairs

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    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    1. This is not about sarcasm. It's about opening your mind to what "abstract" means.
    telling people simplistically to make sure that their images are out of focus and over exposed do not qualify as opening up people's mind to the meaning of ''abstract.'' the critique of an image involves many things. if you're not familiar, there's a short writeup in the stickies.

    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    2. A simple Google search of "abstract photographs" reveals many many links. The very first one is A few of the images below should illustrate my point:
    this is meaningless in the critique of the posted picture.

    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    3. I'm sure you understand how Google organises search results (by popularity of links and clickthrus-- in this case, I doubt the guy paid for it).
    this is meaningless as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    4. The TS specifically asked about "abstracts". Art, esp abstract art, can be very "strange". I remember being in the Met in 2006, where there was a piece of blue cloth placed horizontally in a room with a couple of fans under it, and the effect was to blow the cloth upwards and downwards so that it was like waves in the ocean. The Met considered the fans and that flapping piece of cloth to be a masterpiece and paid a lot of money for it. So who are we to say what art can or cannot be, no matter how strange we may think it is?
    so far, no one has insisted what art can be or cannot be. you're the only person who mentioned it. especially when you tell TS to make sure that his images are out of focus and over exposed.

    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    5. In classical photography, we can talk about "rules" like the golden mean, 2:1 or 3:1 lighting ratio, 1/focal length min handholding shutter speed, stopping down for max depth of field, focusing on the eyes for portraits, not chopping off the limbs, etc. but these do not apply to abstract photography. I may not be an expert on abstract art, but I can see that a spirit of experimentation is necessary, the classical rules do not necessarily apply, much less its universal acceptability and understandability.
    and since ''classical rules'' as you called them do not apply, it is indeed strange how you qualify an abstract image as over exposed and out of focus, as these are subjective qualities measurable only against the artist's intentions.

    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    Really? I told the TS to open his mind to possibilities, that abstract photography can be anything, as shown by the examples I pointed you to.
    a warning has been given to your second posting and not your third. more off topic postings from you will result in infractions. you have been warned.
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    If you are randomly swings your camera without any idea what will happen, I think the percentage that you'll get something you'll like will be very low. I know there are some "artist" who does that but I believe before doing it, they have some basic idea what will happen, or atleast some concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaren View Post
    try simplifying your subject more...and bringing out the curves and lines in the photo. an abstract means distilling the elements of the photo into the barest elements, so that it is not immediately obvious what the subject matter is.

    a crude example of simplifying the "stairs" photo into something more abstract would be something like this:
    Really nice! It is very simple yet you can think of few ideas about it. One may say that it is a contrast of the curve in the red brinks and straight lines of almost black stairs.

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    When I look and try to appreciate photos, I try to look for colours, constrast, subjects, details, beauty, focus points, moods and room for imaginations.

    I dont seem to find something that I am attracted to in this photo. If I were to pass this off as an abstract, at least I must try to figure out the theme or meaning of it.

    "Lines" would be an interesting theme, but personally I find the non-linear cracks on the bricks and the trees in the background and the distance between the line of the last step of the bottom deck of stairs with the first step of the top deck of stairs particularly distracting from the theme "Lines"

    Personally, this is what I would do if I'd want to stick with the title "Stairs".
    I hope you take no personal offence in me photoshop-ping your image and reposting it. It bears a little resemblance to zaren's post as well. I would remove it immediately upon request if need be.

    For me, I TRY (trying only, doesn't mean i achieved it) to guide the eyes up the photo with the light gradient, and leave the imagination to yourself what you'll find up there. Light? Heaven? Sheng Siong? Whatever you want.

    But then again, it's a little more still life isnt it? hmmm....

    Ok just my 1cents worth.
    Snap snap away!

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