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    Hi all, just would like to say a big hello to everyone here. I got to know of this forum through my bro who regularly posts here. My experience with photography is limited at best. I only use compact cameras since my bro won't let me touch his dslr :P

    Really looking forward to learning more about photography from this forum before finally take the plunge and splurging on a dslr with my savings....

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    Welcome to the digital world and the buy buy buy virus. kekeke

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    Welcome to ClubSnap!

    Hey... since ur bro won't let you touch his DSLR... as him to buy u one lah...
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    Hi Victor,

    Welcome to CS. Enjoy your stay here.

    PnS can produce pretty decent pictures too. Read somewhere that someone in Taiwan won the 2nd prize in a photo competition with pictures taken with his Casio PnS. So don't worry too much about equipment and just go enjoy the passion.
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