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    Subject: A badge of a Ferrari.

    I'm trying to get an abstract picture of the badge. Tell me what you think
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    The image looks noisy, did you use a high iso setting? The light in the background is distracting.

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    You need more control over lighting, which is why most professionals would prefer to shoot this in a studio. That's not flash is it? Looks like a continous light source. I hope it's not the garden lamp but seems like it, and explains the noise.

    Well, I like the light fall off towards the camera, but it's a bit too abrupt. You can't really have 1/3 of the photo in darkness abstract or not. Introduce a bounce card(s) to complete the 'hood line' to the bottom left. Lighting on the badge is still too strong, if you can't drive it into a studio nor dismantle the hood, try using natural light (evening/early morning) with plenty of bounce or fill flash, or diffuse your continous light source(s).

    Crop the image, you don't need the wall etc. We already know the ferrari is a (special) car, you don't need to show us more. I'd say cut off from the last hotspot under the headlight. Keep the lighting the same (side lit) and capture those pretty 'curves' (I forgot what they're called) on the hood.


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