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Thread: flash for cambodia trip

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    Default flash for cambodia trip

    Going to siam reap soon.
    Is flash a must for the temple shoot?
    And any places/tips to recommend/give?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: flash for cambodia trip

    I would prefer to use a tripod for longer exposure shot than a ext. flash.
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    Default Re: flash for cambodia trip

    hi shanng, no easy answer to your question... all depends on what effect you're trying to achieve, and what the lighting conditions are at the location of your shoot.

    i tend to agree with megaweb... using a tripod instead of flash will result in more natural looking pictures. still there may be times you want to just light up the shadows and dark areas a little using fill-flash. this can usually be done using the built-in flash. if a tripod is not allowed, then brace yourself against a wall, a column, or something.

    good luck. wish i had the chance to make such a trip...


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    hey, i went there before. siem reap nice place. even the villigers love to be photographed. gone to the children's home also. should have much problem, it's a bit sandy there. 2nt thing. if u are to bring tripod, its gonna be a lot of climbing up and down in the temples. might be uncomfortable for you. backpacks are not prefered cos u should noe why. i not sure if all the place allow flash cos i notice the last time that another guy using flash at some god got stared by the locals.

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    Default Re: flash for cambodia trip

    Like what others have said, it is not easy to advise on this.
    I didn have much use for flash the other time i went there except for the few insects i shot along the way.

    It really depends on your shooting.

    Alternatively u can bring along and see It is not that bulky and heavy
    Might give u a better idea if u need it on ur nxt trip



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