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Thread: Is Digital Photography safe?

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    Originally posted by meng
    I'm not intending my post to become a technical discussion.
    That was not my intent either, my apologies if it seemed that way.

    The point I'm trying to make is that in a technical environment (urgh, there's that "T" word again ), you cannot assume anything. I've been involved in the IT world long enough to know that you have a backup for the backup of the backup ... et al ... the phrase "mission critical" has been permanently branded into my psyche

    In any case, bottom line is that you should expect the best and prepare for the worst ...

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    Default Re: Is Digital Photography safe?

    Originally posted by jasphotography
    As compared to conventional photography which has physical backup (negative/slide), is digital file safe from being lost forever?

    What happen if your hard disk crashed one day and your backup CD Roms are no longer readable which I am sure this happened to few of our members here?

    How have you done or would you do to safeguard the interest of your invaluable picture files?

    Have not been sleeping well lately, thought I should bring this issue up and haunt some fellow digital users' minds at night of my selfish thought.

    As good as saying there will never be fungus or scratches on physical films. (Impossible right?) How many backup CD-Roms are you making, to get it all unreadable takes a lot of skill. CD-Roms you can make backup, to make backup of slide and negative will take some effort.

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    all u need is a fire man.

    digital, physical, becomes un-reclaimable.

    haha...keep it in your mind... remember the beautiul shot u took. the essence of it, the artistic value of it, the physical beauty of it.

    and that's it.

    Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

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