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    This was taken at Perth's King Park.
    As usual.. i tried to capture the beauty of the park and the war memorial.

    Will realli appreciate comments.

    Picture was taken with my D40x :
    ISO 140

    Thanx ppl.

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    Can't seem to attach the pic..
    All i do is paste the url the image dialogue right?

    I'll try again

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    my noob 2 cents... i like this picture..very clean, no distractions.. and i especially like the very clear blue clouds nothing just clear blue..great capture!! nice colors, composition wise cant comment...noob my self..

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    i think the trees on the left are distracting.. is there any other vantage point where you can capture only the memorial and the sky?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amplified77 View Post
    This was taken at Perth's King Park.
    As usual.. i tried to capture the beauty of the park and the war memorial.

    For that, i think you did not capture what you wanted to achieve. reason, because you are only showing a very tiny part of the park.

    But you did capture the memorial and the city skyline but the trees are a slight distraction. But would prefer the memorial more to the right, as you have a nice leading line towards it. A little more interest in the foreground might help this pic, i find it a bit too empty.

    I guess there is little choice : you either live with the trees; or go closer, concentrate on the memorial and lose the buildings.

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    Thanx all for the comments appreciate it.

    Guess i was trying to hard to get everything in frame.. Hehe. Trees, memorial, bldgs, bla bla..
    Point noted. Will concentrate on the primary objective from now on.

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    Instead of having floating half branches of a tree,maybe shift a little to the left to have it complete and forego the little space on the right of the monument. But overall, the scene is nice !

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    my suggestion;

    go closer and lose the trees and the buildings.
    take the monument from the left with more space on the right for the sea + blue blue sky.


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