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Thread: PPCP online never deliver?!?!

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    Default PPCP online never deliver?!?!

    Hi fellow CSers,
    I've ordered 2 items from PPCP online, and made the payment immediately. On 21st Jan, they wrote me an email saying that they can send out my order. However I havnt receive the package until now.
    I was wondering how long is the local delivery? Anybody had experience shopping with them?
    I tried to contact them online and PMed the advertiser of PPCP in CS, but I got no replies at all. Anybody has their numbers? I cannot find their telephone number online, not trying to complain here, but really wish to get my order asap.
    Whoever knows the shop, or have an idea of how to contact them, please leave a msg or PM me. Thanks in advance!!!!

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    Try to email/PM them again with your order number.

    A similar thing happened to me when I did not receive my order after about 4 weeks. They replied that it might be lost in post and that they will send another one out. Two days later, I received my item.

    I believe that they will honour the order once you manage to contact them.

    Edited: I just realised that you have posted the same thing in another sub-forum. Its really not necessary.
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    Default Re: PPCP online never deliver?!?!

    Please do not post the same topic in other sub forum. This is akin to spamming and spammer will be deregistered without any notice.

    Let this be a warning to you. Thread closed


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