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Thread: Dry Cabinet Not working?

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    Hi everyone,

    Help! I don;t know whether my Digi-Cabi dry cabinet is working or not. The Little red light at the back of the cabinet shows that its on but for the past few days, the humidifier dial (not digital) keeps showing 70% humidity.

    How do i check whether my cabinet is still working or whether my humidifier dial is spoilt? Is there anywhere i can buy another humidity dial/ reader to check the humidity?

    Tks for any advice you can offer....

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    hi, i think you can buy hygrometers, digital ones for about $40. some bookshops, or watch shops that sell calculators at bras brasah sell these.
    the drying unit is usually under warranty for 5 years. call digi-cabi service centre, if any?

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    Quite a few of the folks here say the humidity dial got problem de.. Can buy another one from most bookshops =) If your dial can be removed, you can try the salt test.

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    Tks for the advice!


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