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    HI fellow photographers,

    This is one of my very first posts and its going to be in the critique corner.

    Hanging myself up to dry I suppose. BUt what the heck, all the in the name of learning and appreciating other points of view

    This candid shot was taken in the dim interiors of St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow. In the dim light, the light from the window caught and lit up her platinum blonde hair. lighting up an otherwise dim photo. All in all, i like this photo for the lighting and how it enhances the look of an already beautiful russian girl.

    Would appreciate comments on techinical quality of image and further improvements.

    It was a stolen shot in dim conditions so I suppose little margin for error. BUt if I had to change one thing, it would be obstruction in the foreground.

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    hi Beng,
    hmmm, there seem to be, what i think, a chair blocking the lady's hand. thats a little distracting. other than that. picture is pretty sharp.

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    i disagree.
    The chair distractor is seen as an effect to me.... natural and artistic... esp is b&w
    i like the photo because of the silhouette behind the arm


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