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Thread: Using DA lenses on full-frame

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    Default Using DA lenses on full-frame

    Say Pentax comes out with full-frame in the future, can the DA lenses still be used without any crop-factor? Just to check before investing in DAs. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Using DA lenses on full-frame

    Think there will be vignetting problems on a full frame sensor for prime lens of focal length 40mm and below (since the DA 40 is apparently fully compatible with film cameras). For zooms though, you may have vignetting problems throughout the whole range, beyond the 40mm mark. This is from experience with the sigma 17 - 70 which shows black borders on a film camera throughout its whole range on a film camera. Not sure if the DA zooms will be different.
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    Default Re: Using DA lenses on full-frame

    I guess maybe Pentax is leaving the options open. Some of the DA lenses are actually compitable with FF. eg DA40 & 70 ltd and the coming DA*200, 300 & DA 35 ltd.


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